Excessive Heat has got me Beat: time for a pink drink!

Today’s hot weather encouraged me to reblog this post. Perfect weather to try the pink gin recipe therein!

Lesley Scoble.com

Heat has got me Beat | Illustration: Lesley Scoble

Hot sun
has got me beat
It’s no fun
Smelting melting sweltering heat
Dripping slipping flipping sweat
Hot hot hot hot
Is not not not
What I want!

Sweat running funnelling
rivulets down my back
No where is cool
Alas, alack!

No room in the fridge to join the others
Its already full of grandma’s brothers
The heat has got to me!
And I am dead

What’s that you said?
Have a drink
I think
I hear you say
I’ll have a gin,
A pink!’
I say with a grin,

As long as it’s got ICE in it’

Lesley Scoble – August 2020


I don’t think I can recall ever drinking gin without ice in it. Unlike in artist Hogarth’s day when they liked to imbibe home, brewed gin neat—in substantial quantities!
The 18th century saw a taste…

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