Walking In The Rain: a quadrille poem

My poem WALKING IN THE RAIN is in response to Linda’s d’Verse Quadrille Poetry Prompt #170. The prompt word is MUSIC. To take the meaning, form or compound of the word music, and write a poem of exactly 44 words (not counting the title), including the prompt word.

Play rain and thunder sound
Walking in the rain
Jumping in puddles
Lightening flash,
on a windowpane;
bass drumrolls of thunder,
crescendos of wonder
Drip, drop,
Getting wet 
in quartet
Friends dash
(Good weather for ducks)
dance on umbrellas
Musical clouds
Soft and Louds

Lesley Scoble.  February 21, 2023
Thank you d’Verse Pub Poets for the quadrille poetry prompt.
Walking in the Rain | Animated Gif | Artwork©️Lesley Scoble
Rain and Thunder audio clip courtesy of Freesoundslibrary

Walking in the Rain ceramic sculpture

Walking in the Rain is a subject I like to revisit. I enjoy sculpting figures walking in the rain. It chuffed me when my first ceramic sculpture Walking in the Rain won the V&A competition.

I was chuffed when my first ceramic sculpture won the V&A competition.

My first ceramic in a winners cabinet

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