A Daisy stays Closed up in the Rain: a symetrelle

The poetry prompt for the W3 Weekly Prompt this week is from the POW Jane Aguiar. Her prompt is to write a Senryū or a Symetrelle. The symetrelle poetry form is another first for me—so I’ll give it a go. How do you write a symetrelle? I’m glad the prompt comes with a How to link.

The Prompt Guidelines
•Write a poem using one of these two poetic forms: 
•Click Here for explanation of ‘Senryu’; 
•Click Here for explanation of the ‘Symetrelle’;
•Include the word “impossible” in your poem.

I now present to you, my first symetrelle, about a daisy.

A Daisy Flower stays Closed in the Rain

Closed Daisy | Gif Animation | Lesley Scoble
A Daisy Flower stays Closed in the Rain

It’s impossible, you see

You cannot expect me to do that!
Not in this rain—not without a hat

You think I should open my petals? you’re crazy!
I am not in the mood; anyway, I’m lazy
It ain’t the day to open up, poor daisy
The weather’s bad. There’s no sun! And it’s hazy

Today, I will close up for a while
Tonight I might, if the sun doth smile

It’s impossible, you see
Lesley Scoble, April 2023

Daisy Physiology

You can tell if it’s raining by the fact daisies close their petals. (you might also tell that it’s raining by the wet stuff falling on your head).
The flower reacts to changes in temperature and humidity levels and will close their petals to protect their vital reproductive organs.
Excess moisture accumulating within the flower can cause fungal infections and other diseases. Rain can dislodge the pollen and prevent bees and other pollinators doing their job. By closing up their petals during rainy weather, the daisy minimises the risk of damage to their vital parts. They will also close at night to prevent nocturnal insects from causing them harm.

My thanks to David, The Skeptics Kaddish and to Poet of the Week, Jane Aguiar for introducing me to the symetrelle. It was fun.

20 responses to “A Daisy stays Closed up in the Rain: a symetrelle”

    • Thank you so very much, Nancy 💖
      If I told you how I did the special FX I’d have to kill you 😂(it’s a little animation I drew). I love animation. I worked years ago drawing animation the old fashioned way, cel by cel. Now I use the computer which is easier and fun.
      I’m chuffed you like it,
      L x

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