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Oil Painting, wonder, drama, Digital Painting, fun, modern, urban, Watercolour, magic, mystery, Sketches, spontaneous, Special FX animation, moving, Think Ink! awe, Book Illustration, power, emotion, Design, invention, Television. Art is all around us. It is in our hearts. It is in our souls. It is indefinable.

Oil Painting

Dr Rukhsana Salim, clinical lead | Portraits for NHS Heroes| oil on canvas | 12” x 16” (40 x 30 cm)

Digital Painting

Ania Marson in her role Voleth,The Witcher series 2 on Netflix | Digital painting ©️Lesley Scoble
City Run. Jog on!
Ania Marson | Digital Painting ©️Lesley Scoble
Self portrait | digital iPadart

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The Crow knows I know he knows I know he crows | watercolour | Saunders paper 50 x 40 cm

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Christmas Card

Computer Animation + Special FX

Very short example clips of my digital special FX animation of Fairy dust emanating from a fairy wand and an opening book computer animation created using Adobe After Effects. The Classical Music Tales for Children – The Sleeping Beauty by composer Sarah Hudson.

Fairy dust animation: Lesley Scoble | Classical music tales for young children – The Sleeping Beauty by Sarah Hudson
Opening book animation: Lesley Scoble | Classical music tales for young children – The Sleeping Beauty by Sarah Hudson

View Sarah Hudson’s delightful Classical Music Tales for Young Children The Sleeping Beauty

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Think Ink!


Poster for The House of Barnarda Alba

Poster for The House of Bernarda Alba by Garcia Lorca | a film from the Nadine’s Window production

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Book Illustration

  1. Portraits for Heroes | |Tom Croft initiator | contributor Lesley Scoble |Bloomsbury Publishing Plc.
    ISBN: 978-1-4482-1800-4 
  2. Tennis That Counts | Adrian Stonebridge with Stuart Kerr |Cartoons by Scribbles (me!)
    ISBN: 978-1906221-416 (hardback) ISBN: 0-09-152551-9 (paperback)
  3. Macbeth | Jennifer Mulherin | Lesley Scoble | Cherry tree Press Ltd.
    ISBN: 0-7451-5015-2
  4. Best-loved Plays of Shakespeare | Jennifer Mulherin | Lesley Scoble | Cherrytree Press Ltd.
    ISBN: 0-7451-5174-4
  5. False Accusation | Richard Hughes |Illustration & cover Lesley Scoble |Macmillan Publishers Ltd.
    ISBN: 0-333-53398-4
  6. Soap Opera II — The Sequel | Charlyn Wessels |Illustration & cover Lesley Scoble| Phoenix Bookshelf.
    ISBN: 0-13-404138-0
  7. Midnight Traveller | Pat Coleman | Lesley Scoble | A Leopard Book | Scripture Union
    ISBN: 0-86201-475-1
  8. Robin’s Toboggan | Christine Wood |Lesley Scoble | Scripture Union
  9. The Natural History of Umbracula | Alison Winfield-Chislett |all photographs Lesley Scoble | Matador Troubadour pub. Ltd.
    ISBN: 978-1906221-416

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Channel Four TV



I was always ‘scribbling’ in sketch books. Quick line drawings were something I liked to do. I often joked, “I am the fastest draw in the West!” (sometimes it got a laugh).

‘Scribbles’ was a nick-name given to me by the producer of TENNIS THAT COUNTS and the name stuck, becoming the affectionate nom de plume for my cartoons of this time.

Watch this out-take clip that made it to the cutting room floor and you may enjoy a laugh at my expense. They are trying to introduce the artist, cartoonist and illustrator ‘Scribbles’ (that’s me). We are on the tennis court and I’m ashamed to say I lose professional concentration (only a temporary moment) and I get the giggles! It was, of course, everyone else’s fault! It shouldn’t have been so enjoyable. At least we had a laugh!

Introducing ‘Scribbles’ out-take!

With tennis guru Adrian Stonebridge
Producer Christopher Toyne CCTV
Photography Tomas Graves

Tennis That Counts—the channel four tv series

Episode One — Forget the Numbers

TENNIS THAT COUNTS was one of the first TV series to be aired by the then brand new Channel 4 television company in 1983. 
This series of programmes gave me the opportunity to work as a featured animator, cartoonist and illustrator. 

The film shoot took place on location in Spain in a village called Villajoyosa, where we spent a glorious two weeks filming. My part was to sketch the players on the tennis court whilst filming. 

The large apartment allotted to me was in a tennis coaching complex and overlooked a craggy coast of brilliant blue sea. I awoke early each day to the sound of the sea splashing against the rocks. But, also to the gentle, monotonous ‘pop’ of tennis balls being hit back and forth by practising tennis players.

I had developed a quick sketching technique and often joked in a cowboy voice that “I was the fastest draw in the West”—well, I thought it was funny! I spent the sunny days of the shoot, relaxed and enjoying sketching around the tennis courts.

It was later the hard work began for me. I had animations to produce (done the old-fashioned way, I might add, with cells and whatnot—no computer help then!) and many cartoon line drawings for an accompanying book. All to a tight deadline.

Signature logo | Tennis That Counts | Channel Four TV | gouache

Tennis That COunts—The Book

Cartoons for the book

Channel Four Launch Party

On the day before Channel 4 opened, I was still working on the artwork. I worked throughout the day and throughout the night until dawn, drinking too much coffee to keep awake. I scribbled cartoons non stop right up to the very last moment of the big Channel 4 launch party. They needed the drawings to film in time for the launch of the new station. With only a minute to spare for a shower and throw on a dress—I grabbed the still-wet art work to clamber into a taxi to deliver it to the producer. Phew! They received my portfolio just on time. It had been a tight deadline. 

My reward was to join the Channel 4 launch party. It gave me a chance to network among the important people of this fabulous new television broadcasting station. It was a great opportunity to promote my work! To further my new career as a celebrity artist!

The guests arrived. Glamorous women glided through the entrance in long silken gowns. Gowns that shimmered and sashayed across the dance floor in the arms of dapper men in tuxedos and black ties. I wondered what I could say to them. To the powers of the TV world. I thought about how to network to my best career advantage?
With a glass of Champagne and a caviar sandwich, I sat down on a comfortable sofa (it’s a big mistake to spend networking time sitting down). 
My painting, drawing, and drinking too much coffee throughout the previous night had taken its toll. I fell asleep with a half-slurped glass of Champagne in one hand and a half-eaten caviar sandwich in the other. My head lolled, flopping backwards with my mouth agape to catch flies.

I spent the entire evening thus. Snoring. My mouth agape, catching flies.| Scribbles cartoon: Lesley Scoble

I was snoring! 

Some hours later, I awoke. Rousing myself from the sofa, I staggered towards the door over a debris of empty Champagne bottles, streamers, burst balloons, and squashed canapes, tripping over a protruding leg attached to a vague recumbent form under a table.

It must have been one hell of a party!


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