Selected Poems

The Little Wren

The Little Wren | Illustration: Lesley Scoble
A flick of leaf
A flash of light
On the ground
In out of sight
Under a bush
A shush—
that is when
I see the 
It darts
And hops
Here and there
Hither, thither
Under the hedge
                            to fledge

Tail standing proud
It stood 
Along the edge
of the leafy wood
It goes
It knows
It will
        thrill and trill
A song
That such a little bird
So small
Can have so big a call
Is astonishing 

— Lesley Scoble 1st July 2020

City Fox

City Fox

The fox is sniffing the ground
Moving through the leaves
Walking silent with no sound
Sifting slow below the trees

City fox all bright and good
Hunting for his tea
He comes straight toward me
Where I’m stood
Beside the bench
Beside the tree

I hold tight my breath and dare not stir
I stay in shadow out of sight
Not wanting to scare him or affright
To make him flee
dash off, take flight
And scarper

He doesn’t know I’m here
He’s stealing by
Then stops so near
But does not see me yet
When I catch his eye
Our eyes are met!

Away he flees
To the fence
Beyond the trees.

Lesley Scoble 2019

Warm Sand At The Edge Of The Land

Grey Seal | Illustration: Lesley Scoble

I’m swimming in the sea
When a seal pops up in front of me
I squeal
A moment
Caught in thought—
This can’t be bought!
Is this for real?
To see a seal
So close at hand
By warm sand at the edge of the land

So near
Rippling wet
The seal comes closer yet
I can swim to him
He’s in my reach
A breath away
Close to the beach

His head and neck turn round
Surveying the sandy ground
Bright eyes gleaning clean
The wild green wood behind the scene
Summer heat and gentle breeze
Shimmering green in the trees
His head bobs near
By me
To ask
When will the coast be clear
So he can bask?

Till descent of dusk
And a turn of the tide
For humans to go
So he can hide

Then he dives

He can wait
Until it’s late
When the beach is free
Of you and me.
So he can land upon warm sand
At the edge of the sea

Lesley Scoble 2019
On the beach where I saw the seal

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