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  • What if Jeremy Loses His Job Today…?

    What if Jeremy Loses His Job Today…?

    Polling Day Today is the 12th December 2019 and it is the date of the General Election. Spitting Image If Jeremy Corbyn loses his job today—he can always try his hand at acting—and audition for a role as a lookalike Ron Moody playing the famous Charles Dickens character Fagin in Oliver! In this life, one…

  • Ride #inktober2019

    Ride #inktober2019

    Ride is the #inktober prompt word for day 28 (I know, today is day 30! I can’t keep up!). Ride Like The Wind! I’ve called the sketch for #day 28 Ride Like The Wind— Film Still For the subject ‘Ride’ I was privileged to draw from a wonderful original publicity still from the film British…