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  • Hot Summer Fan Dance

    Hot Summer Fan Dance

    Hot Summer Fan Dance Hot summer heatCan be hard to bearto beat—To try to keep coolIn a stultifying poolOf breathless repressive airClammy sticky cloying sweatOn the hottest day yetAnd yet! I have a plan. Strip-off till I’m starkersYou’re thinking I’m barkers?Unclad and all bareHey, don’t stare!It’s rude When I’m nude Beat this if you can!Undress…

  • Colonel Blink aka Dominic Cummings

    Colonel Blink aka Dominic Cummings

    Eye Test Drive I went to my local Boots the Chemists yesterday to ask for my eye prescription as I need to buy new reading glasses—but the optician section was closed due to the Coronavirus. There was a notice on the entrance to the optician area stating that the nearest open opticians was in Kent…