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  • The Joys and Art of Sunbathing

    The Joys and Art of Sunbathing

    The Joys of Sunbathing Aah! To bathe in the sunCan be relaxing funSensing UV raysOn hot sunlit daysSoaking up vitamin D(seems good to me)ButLying so still in the sun to bask—Is it safe? You have to ask Mark my wordsListen and learnStaying out too long You will blister and burn!ButSunbathing can Give you a tan…

  • Portrait of an NHS Heroine

    Portrait of an NHS Heroine

    Joining Tom Croft’s #nhsportraitsforheroes initiative I have painted a portrait in oils for free to express my thanks and gratitude to NHS heroic frontline key workers. Dr Rukhsana Salim NHS heroine Dr Rukhsana Salim, clinical lead and mother of two beautiful daughters is the subject of my portrait in oils on canvas – size 12”…