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  • The Sun Abandons London: a pantoum poem

    The Sun Abandons London: a pantoum poem

    Where’s the London sun gone? Where’s it set? Why did it abandon us? Where’d it go? The rain is falling, the streets are wet. It has rained all day, y’know.

  • Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to me 🎶

    Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to me 🎶

    It’s weird being the same age as old people!

  • Wren Watercolour Sketch: Day 4 #30DaysWild

    In support of the The WildlifeTrusts 30 Days Wild Challenge to draw something from nature I have done a rapid watercolour sketch of the little wren. He who shall hurt the little wrenShall never be belov’d by men. William Blake Quickie blogpost If this (shorter than usual!) post leaves you wanting more! There is further…

  • Throw: #inktober2020 Art Challenge

    Throw: #inktober2020 Art Challenge

    The month of October is already a third of the way through! Which means I’ve come to the Inktober party a trifle late! What is Inktober? Inktober is an art challenge set up by Jake Parker in 2009 (so it has been running a few years now).The idea is to encourage the artist to commit…

  • Hot Summer Fan Dance

    Hot Summer Fan Dance

    Hot Summer Fan Dance Hot summer heatCan be hard to bearto beat—To try to keep coolIn a stultifying poolOf breathless repressive airClammy sticky cloying sweatOn the hottest day yetAnd yet! I have a plan. Strip-off till I’m starkersYou’re thinking I’m barkers?Unclad and all bareHey, don’t stare!It’s rude When I’m nude Beat this if you can!Undress…

  • What if Jeremy Loses His Job Today…?

    What if Jeremy Loses His Job Today…?

    Polling Day Today is the 12th December 2019 and it is the date of the General Election. Spitting Image If Jeremy Corbyn loses his job today—he can always try his hand at acting—and audition for a role as a lookalike Ron Moody playing the famous Charles Dickens character Fagin in Oliver! In this life, one…

  • Take a Walk: a poem for International Stress Awareness Week

    Take a Walk: a poem for International Stress Awareness Week

    The first Wednesday of November is National Stress Awareness Day—which runs alongside the International Stress Awareness Week. So, I’m doing my part and stressing for the nation! If you feel like this! Go for a walk— sniff a flower— touch a tree— look up at the sky— see the birds— watch the wildlife— and B—R—E—A—T—H—E…

  • Ride #inktober2019

    Ride #inktober2019

    Ride is the #inktober prompt word for day 28 (I know, today is day 30! I can’t keep up!). Ride Like The Wind! I’ve called the sketch for #day 28 Ride Like The Wind— Film Still For the subject ‘Ride’ I was privileged to draw from a wonderful original publicity still from the film British…

  • Ancient – #inktober2019

    Ancient – #inktober2019

    Ancient Oak The #inktober prompt word for day 23 is Ancient. I sketched this ancient oak tree (or what remains of it) in Bushy Park, Kingston. An oak tree can be called ancient when it has reached the ripe old age of 400 years (any younger than that it is only a veteran). I believe…

  • Ghost #inktober2019

    Ghost #inktober2019

    Ghost is today’s prompt word for the #inktober challenge. I didn’t think I had a ‘ghost’ of a chance (apologies for pun—I have a weakness for them) to do a drawing for day 22! Life and work and travels have been getting in the way! (well, that’s my excuse anyway). I admire anyone who can…