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  • I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud

    I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud

    Today, it has rained incessantly—so, I thought a couple of photos taken while the sun was out at Blickling and a bit of Wordsworth might cheer us all up.

  • City Fox

    City Fox

    I know there is a fox who lives in a small wildlife garden in the City of London. There are telltale signs—leftovers from a recent meal scattered on the grass…a hole in the foliage leading to a den by the pond…trodden down trails through the wild flowers…fox scat…and evidence of take-aways. Leftovers from a recent…

  • Warm Sand At The Edge Of The Land

    Warm Sand At The Edge Of The Land

    I’m swimming in the seaWhen a seal pops up in front of me Wheeeeeee! I squeal A moment Caught in thought— This can’t be bought! Is this for real? To see a seal So close at hand By warm sand at the edge of the land So near Rippling wet The seal comes closer yet…