How To Keep Cool When It’s Hot!

How to keep cool in hot weather

Being starkers is not always convenient (nor desirable)—so, here is a little advice for keeping cooler in excessively hot weather!

  1. Keep windows closed and shuttered against the sun—open them up at night when it is cooler.
  2. To quote Noel Coward ‘Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun’—don’t be a mad dog or an Englishman— and stay out of the sun between 11am and 3pm!
  3. Wear floaty lightweight garments—cotton is the advised fabric as it is airy and absorbs sweat.
  4. Reflect the heat away from your windows with shades or reflective material outside the pane (might dazzle your neighbours though).
  5. Light coloured curtains at your windows are better than dark as dark curtains will absorb heat making your room hotter.
  6. If the room is too hot move into a cooler one. Makes sense!
  7. Cool showers or cool baths are a good idea and it keeps you very clean!
  8. Keeping a spray bottle of water in the fridge to use when overheating is a good cooling down tip.
  9. Drink plenty of fluids—avoid alcohol (drat!).
  10. Fans are great at moving air about—but when it’s very very hot a bowl of chilled water in front of them is a great idea.
  11. If you have to emerge out into the street heat keep in the shade.
  12. Wear sunscreen, hat and a scarf.

The NHS website has a list of tips and advice for coping during hot weather at:

2 responses to “How To Keep Cool When It’s Hot!”

  1. To keep cool, but perhaps for the longer haul: plant trees or support tree planting organizations 😉

    Lesley, I see on Twitter that you are very interested in environmental topics. How about joining the “Fridays for Future” movement. There will be a global climate strike week from 20th – 27th September. If you don’t want to or can’t be there, please spread the news. Thank you!


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