cartoon by Lesley Scoble contact Lesleyscoble@me.com

Walking In The Rain

Project: Walking in the Rain Aim To make preliminary maquettes to form a collection—then choose the best figures to cast into bronze. The aim will be to turn them into large bronzes for the outdoors. How It Began The first sculpture I ever made in clay was in my first pottery class (tutor Maria Echenique) […]


Shadows Shadow Man Grey Skies It’s a Black and White Sort of Day in Aldersgate Street This photograph appears like it is in black and white but, in fact, it’s in full colour! Hard to believe isn’t it? But, it’s just one of those wintry grey sky days that we can get here in London… […]


My love for acting began a long time ago and has remained with me to this day. It is a dream occupation that thrives when making audiences laugh, cry and applaud! It is exhilarating working as a team member of a company (let’s face it—it’s just great to be working!) working together towards a first […]

Poetry: City Fox

The fox is sniffing the groundMoving through the leavesWalking silent with no soundSifting slow below the trees City fox all bright and goodHunting for his teaWhenceHe comes straight toward meWhere I’m stoodBeside the benchBeside the tree I hold tight my breath and dare not stirI stay in shadow out of sightNot wanting to scare him […]

Poetry: Warm Sand At The Edge Of The Land

I’m swimming in the seaWhen a seal pops up in front of meWheeeeeee!I squealA moment Caught in thought—This can’t be bought! Is this for real?To see a sealSo close at handBy warm sand at the edge of the land So nearRippling wetThe seal comes closer yetI can swim to himHe’s in my reachA breath away […]