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Rhinos Mother Rhino Hi-fired stoneware ceramic size 13.5 x 23 x 11.5 cm Baby Rhino Hi-fired ceramic stoneware size 11 x 15 x 8 cm Elephants I am happy to report that ‘Mother and Baby Elephants’ have sold. They have found a happy home. And these two photographs (kindly supplied by their new owner) show […]


Shadows Shadow Man Grey Skies It’s a Black and White Sort of Day in Aldersgate Street This photograph appears like it is in black and white but, in fact, it’s in full colour! Hard to believe isn’t it? But, it’s just one of those wintry grey sky days that we can get here in London… […]


My love for acting began a long time ago and has remained with me to this day. It is a dream occupation that thrives when making audiences laugh, cry and applaud! It is exhilarating working as a team member of a company (let’s face it—it’s just great to be working!) working together towards a first […]

Selected Poems

The Little Wren A flick of leaf A flash of light On the ground In out of sight Under a bush A shush— then, that is when I see the  Wren! It darts stops starts And hops Here and there Everywhere Hither, thither whither Under the hedge to fledge Tail standing proud It stood briefly […]


Fox Silver Ring