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Cute Little Buggers

Directed by Tony Jopia

A release this Easter is Cute Little Buggers which is about rabbits! Well, that’s appropriate for Easter, isn’t it? I play a small role called Bond. James Bond? No, Mrs Lydia Bond!

John R Walker and Lesley Scoble

I play a small role called Bond. James Bond? Er, not quite! The character is called Mrs Lydia Bond who gets her dog eaten by… rabbits?

Amityville Theatre


A SCRAPFIMS Production. Produced and directed by John R. Walker. Screenplay by Steve Hardy.

Amityville Theatre/Playhouse DVD poster

Playing the role of Karen the bar person.

Tales from the Grave – Tea for Terror

Written by Tony Clarke
Directed by John R Walker

Playing the detective forensics inspector in Tea for Terror a short horror whodunnit.


The Elephant Man | dir. David Lynch

Siamese Twin (I’m on the left)

The Elephant Man

On set with David Lynch

The Elephant Man

The Village of the Damned | dir. Wolf Rilla

Colourised image

The Village of the Damned

I’m on the left (stage right)

The Village of the Damned

Here is a rare clip from the ‘lost’ British print of Village of the Damned (The American print later added special FX to the children’s eyes). This clip is a copy of the original British version and unadulterated.

Signing Events

Receiving an award at a signing event | Teri Scoble, Martin Stephens, Lesley Scoble

The Village of the Damned has a huge fan base — and it has been an enormous pleasure to reunite after so many years, with Martin Stephens at autograph signing events.

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Alpha 17 + Alpha 16 | Timeslip | Granada TV


Alpha 16 + Alpha 16 | Timeslip | Granada TV


I played the role of Alph 17 Clone (my twin sister playing Alpha 16) in the popular ATV Sci-Fi series TIMESLIP written by Ruth Boswell.


I have performed in many pantomimes. From playing a Munchkin in The Wizard of Oz, The Slave of the Ring in Aladdin, The Good Fairy in Dick Whittington, Jack and the Beanstalk and The Sleeping Beauty. I switched from being a ‘goodie’ and had the good fortune to play the role of the ‘baddie’ Carabosse in several productions of the Sleeping Beauty.

While playing Good Fairy I painted oil sketch portraits of fellow actors between matinée and evening performances.

Between matinée and evening performances I would paint little oil sketch portraits of my fellow actors. This newspaper publicity photo shows me with Robert Aldous and Richard Murdoch.

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