Walking In The Rain

Project: Walking in the Rain


To make preliminary maquettes to form a collection—then choose the best figures to cast into bronze. The aim will be to turn them into large bronzes for the outdoors.

How It Began

The first sculpture I ever made in clay was in my first pottery class (tutor Maria Echenique) in Hackney College. It was an improvised piece formed in a class exercise. The task was to make whatever you wanted to with a chosen type of clay selected from four samples laid out on the table. There was a buff clay, a grey clay, terracotta and a white clay. I liked the feel of the white, so I chose that. The result was my first ‘Walking in the Rain’ figure made in twenty minutes (time not including firings and glazings!).

Award Winning Sculpture

This first sculpture won the V&A Inspired by…Competition 2016 in the Ceramics Category and was exhibited at The Morley Gallery, London.

Read more about it on the ‘How To Make A Ceramic And Win A Prize’ Blog here   and ‘I Actually Won A Prize!’ Blog here

I haven’t finished with this theme yet as I am a pluviophile: lover of rain and intend to make more!

You can see some more small studies in the following images.

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