How It Began

The first sculpture I ever made in clay was in my first pottery class in Hackney College. It was an improvised piece formed in a class exercise. The task was to make whatever you wanted to with a chosen type of clay selected from four samples laid out on the table. There was a buff clay, a grey clay, terracotta and a white clay. I liked the feel of the white, so I chose that. The result was my first ‘Walking in the Rain’ figure made in twenty minutes (time not including firings and glazings!).

Award Winning Sculpture

Walking in the Rain

This first sculpture of mine won the V&A Inspired by…Competition 2016 in the Ceramics Category and was exhibited at The Morley Gallery, London.

You can read more about this prize winning piece here! in the blog post ‘How To Make A Ceramic and Win A Prize’ and also in the blog post ‘I Actually Won A Prize!’ here!

More ‘Walking in the Rain’ figures to come!

I haven’t finished with this theme yet as I am a pluviophile (lover of rain) and intend to make more!

You can see some more small studies in the following images.

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