Lockdown Self-isolation Self-portrait

My ‘Lockdown Self-portrait’ is how I have felt throughout lockdown. I am confined inside, hands placed against the pane. Crying out, an unheard scream of claustrophobic captivity.

Lockdown Self-isolation Self-portrait Bronze Resin Maquette

Maquette Sculpture: Self-portrait Bronze Resin Figure encased in glass on a concrete base.  Dimensions W 11 cm H 19.5 cm D 11 cm


Mother and baby rhino

Mother Rhino

Hi-fired stoneware ceramic size 13.5 x 23 x 11.5 cm

Baby Rhino

Hi-fired ceramic stoneware size 11 x 15 x 8 cm


I am happy to report that ‘Mother and Baby Elephants’ have sold. They have found a happy home. And these two photographs (kindly supplied by their new owner) show them in their new habitat.

Walking in the Rain

Award Winning

My first ever ceramic sculpture exhibited in the winners cabinet of the V&A Inspired by competition

V&A | Winner of the ceramics category

On stage receiving my award for the V&A Inspired by Competition

More ‘Walking in the Rain’ figures to come!

I haven’t finished with this theme yet as I am a pluviophile! (lover of rain) and intend to make more.

  • Stoneware ceramic copper oxide glazed sculpture. Size 11x10x10 cm

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