World Rhino Day

Three Rhino Studies in Ceramic for World Rhino Day 2019

Three rhino studies in ceramic

I made these three small sculptures because I love rhinos. I plan to make more from these first studies with an aim to sell rhino sculptures in aid of Save the Rhino.

A world without rhinos is unthinkable. And for what? It’s horn!

The Horn

A rhino’s horn has a bony core of calcium and melanin deposits encased in keratin. Human hair and nails have the same composition. It’s the same stuff as advertised in shampoos!

How much do you think your own head of hair or nail clippings would fetch?

The Poachers

The poachers are supplying a trade in mendacity and ancient folk-lore by selling the base product of keratin for an extortionate price. The demand is due to ignorance and the false belief that it has magic powers. The exploitation of this myth is due to greed. This illegal slaughter and vending of rhinos’ horn fetches thousands of pounds per pound of horn on the current market. If this evil peddling continues the cost to their survival will be a price far too high.

The cost will be no more rhino.

The statistics for poaching are grave.

In August 2019, the Department of Environmental Affairs announced that 318 rhinos had been poached in the first six months of the year (quoted from Save The Rhino website).

Illegal poaching is sending the rhino into extinction.

Baby rhino in ceramic

The Myth

Some misguided ignorant people believe the horn to contain magical medicinal properties. This erroneous fairy tale is costing the rhino species it’s very existence.

The Hope

The hope is in all of our hands.

There is hope; in organisations like Save the Rhino and WWF for the protection and conservation of the rhino and habitats. There is hope; if we can support all the brave anti-poaching men and women out there soldiering on the ground in the war against the poachers. There is hope; in finding the snares and fighting against the traders of rhino horn. There is hope; in raising awareness and facilitating local education in wildlife and its co-existence with Man. There is hope; to save the rhino.

Orphan rhino

The hope is that there is still time.

Adult rhino

I hope.

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