Enchanted Tree

Enchanted Tree


Inktober is a social media art challenge to encourage drawing everyday as a consistent habit. I have discovered it on the seventh day of October so have missed the beginning! Never mind, I shall see how consistent I can be for the rest of the month. The question is, shall I commit to doing one daily, every other day or once a week?

The Enchanted Tree

I sketched The Enchanted Tree for my first post in the Inktober Challenge October 7th which has the prompt ‘Enchanted’. If you are interested to the Inktober Prompts List follow this link or F.A.Q.

Drawing in Ink

Lately, I have been drawing on my iPad with a rubber tipped stylus thingy. I like digital art and I sketched the Enchanted Tree in transparent ink using the stylus.

Stylus/rubber tipped thingy

According to the challenge’s rules its okay to work digitally but it would be nice to take up the old fashioned pen with the pointy nib and dip (pun intended) into the traditional medium again. I shall go out to the art shop and get myself one! Its been a fair while since I drew in ‘proper’ traditional ink.

I like etching too – your hands can get nice and dirty with lovely thick black ink. The picture below is a monoprint created from memory of a trip to Mallam Cove, Yorkshire.

Malham Cove Monoprint 2002

I look forward to drawing in a variety of techniques throughout October…and perhaps doing another monoprint during the challenge…a linocut…use of nib pen…and sketching on my iPad, of course.

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