Swing is the #inkoctober prompt word for today.

My sketch is from a memory of a walk through a wood where we stumbled across a rope-swing hanging from a big tree. I was tempted to have a go (and there were no children about to tell me off! – or even worse, laugh!). The swing swung over a ravine! (a big ditch) causing me concern, I can tell you. I thought it would be fun – but it scared the wits out of me!

I sketched this picture today and wrote a quick poem (yes, another poem!) to help illustrate the illustration – apologies in advance, but you don’t have to read it.

Yes you do!


In a wood

there was a rope on a tree

I thought, ‘wouldn’t it be good

for me,

if I could

have a swing’

Now here’s a thing!

Don’t you know,

I hoisted myself up and had a go


I swung ever so high

right up to the sky

(thought I was going to die!)

Now here’s something you haven’t heard

Oh my gosh! I was scared!

(how as a child had I dared?)

It wouldn’t stop toing and froing

My fear of heights was growing and growing

It wouldn’t stop swinging back and forth

I couldn’t hop off it of course (rhymes if you lisp).

I got off at last, when,

I thought, What a blast!

And went back on and did it again!

Lesley Scoble

Tomorrow’s prompt word is Pattern – haven’t a clue what to draw for that!


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