Ghost #inktober2019

Ghost is today’s prompt word for the #inktober challenge. I didn’t think I had a ‘ghost’ of a chance (apologies for pun—I have a weakness for them) to do a drawing for day 22! Life and work and travels have been getting in the way! (well, that’s my excuse anyway).

I admire anyone who can do a drawing for #inktober every day! I have failed in the particular task of producing one #inktober sketch a day. But, hey! I’ve done one for today! That’s better than nothing, isn’t it? I have also added a bonus poem! How about that! 😁



When I was a child of eight years standing (I was eight years sitting down as well)

I saw this ghost appear on the landing…

Our house was old and Victorian

with stairs that you’d tread with a creak and a groan (and a moan)

And, on a dark night

fill me with dread—

and with fright— 

(as it might!)

when all by myself,

on my own,

I was never—ever



Lesley Scoble

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