Ride #inktober2019

Ride is the #inktober prompt word for day 28 (I know, today is day 30! I can’t keep up!).

Ride Like The Wind!

I’ve called the sketch for #day 28 Ride Like The Wind—

Ride Like The Wind

Film Still

For the subject ‘Ride’ I was privileged to draw from a wonderful original publicity still from the film British historical drama *THE ABDICATION released in 1974. The still is of actress *Ania Marson in the role of the Countess Ebba Sparre during a hunting scene riding a magnificent hunter of 18 hands high. I was captivated by the photo which shows such a sense of freedom and adventure. The sheer thrill of riding a horse. I love period drama and hope my drawing evokes something of the romance and drama of the original cinematic image Thank you Ania for letting me copy/interpret your archival treasure of a photograph!

My aim was to try and capture something of the essence of the still in a fluid ink line and wash drawing style. I personally rather like the picture and plan, at some future date, to do another version as an etching or monoprint.

The Art Challenge

Participating in the #inktober2019 Art Challenge has been an enjoyable and interesting process. Nevertheless, finding the time and committing to come up with a new idea interpretIng and illustrating the prompt word each day wasn’t as easy as I thought it might be! (well, it’s not called a challenge for nothing!). Why do things always take longer than you think they will? It’s Life and other distractions clambering for attention and my time, isn’t it? (my excuse anyway).

I may have failed in fulfilling the one sketch a day quota (I joined in a week late into the challenge and my tally is only ten pictures, I think) but it has been a motivating routine discipline. The challenge is a fun way to exercise and hone dormant ink drawing skills. And has been a wonderful chance to see what other artists can produce in the time too!

Pick a Word

The #inktober Prompt Word set for each day is a good motivator—a title and reason to spark an idea for a drawing—encouraging you to come up with something that can illustrate the word.

In future, if I’m seeking inspiration to know what to draw—I shall just open a book or dictionary and pick the first word my eye falls upon. It is a great way to help beat ‘artists block’.

Online Art Community

It has been inspiring and amazing to see so many different drawing styles and varied interpretations of the same word by other artists of the #inktober online art community.


I admire and congratulate all the artists out there who have stuck by their drawing boards and managed to complete the challenge!

Well done to all you ‘one-a-day’ artists out there! And, also a pat on the back to spasmodic artists (like me) who managed to complete just a few. It’s the taking part that matters! Isn’t that right?

The End

This is the last of my drawings for this year’s #inktober art challenge as I am running out of time to do any more. Shame (did I hear you say?)—and I have a great idea for the #day 31 prompt word ‘Ripe’ too! 

Never mind, there is always next October…


Ania Marson

Ania’s work and profile can be read here

The Abdication

British historical drama about Sweden’s Queen Christina set in the 17th century. Directed by Anthony Harvey and starring Liv Ullman and Peter Finch. Released in 1974.

Ania Marson (Countess Ebba Sparre) with James Faulkner (Duke Magnus de la Gardie)

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That’s it for now my friends—


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