Take a Walk: a poem for International Stress Awareness Week

The first Wednesday of November is National Stress Awareness Day—which runs alongside the International Stress Awareness Week. So, I’m doing my part and stressing for the nation!

If you feel like this! 
   Go for a walk—
       sniff a flower—
         touch a tree—
           look up at the sky—
             see the birds—
               watch the wildlife—
Go For A Walk: an advisory rhyme helping to find a way to de-stress

I suggest chanting the words from my following poem GO FOR A WALK (or any one of your favourite rhymes) while dancing round a campfire, a kitchen, or the office and workplace (check boss isn’t around)—or maybe whilst having a bit of a rap? Or a nap? Or even during a walk…


Go for a walk
Go for a walk
Have a talk
Sniff a flower
By the hour

Touch a tree
Hug it if you will,
hug it until
you feel, 

Better let-a-go of stress—
and duress!
It makes you a mess;
Don’t mess with stress!
It makes you ill,
It does depress;
It will.

Better let-a-go of stress!
It makes you a mess;

Let go of strife
And watch the wildlife

See the birds

“See the birds”

Just breathe

Hold on to your dream
Or scream!

Hold on to your dream
Or scream!

(It’s now lunchtime. I am munching on a sandwich and I’ve just thought of another verse! 😁 haha sorry)
I’ve a hunch
(I think you’ll find)
A break for lunch
can help unwind—
get up
on your feet
go outside 
to eat
A bite to munch 🥪
Take lunch!
Lesley Scoble     (For International Stress Week)

(Crumbs, what an encore! A lunchtime verse!)

Bye for now,

Get out there and breathe 🌱

Mental Health Tips

For tips on how to improve mental health from The World Health Organisation & WWF please click the images from their downloadable book.

The Thriving with Nature guide was produced by WWF-UK and the Mental Health Foundation in collaboration. 

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