Stunning New Play! Ida Rubinstein: The Final Act


What a smashing way for me to begin the New Year! I’m working with talented creatives, alongside Ania Marson and Marco Gambino, using my voice for a stunning new play!—Ida Rubinstein: The Final Act at the Playground Theatre, London

Taking a break between sound recordings. Photo: Ania Marson
Christian Holder, Ania Marson and Marco Gambino Photo: my iPhone

Ida Rubinstein: The Final Act

Direction/Choreography and Book by Christian Holder

Flyer Info

From Paris to Palestine, from dancing in Diaghilev’s Ballet Russes to commissioning Ravel’s Balero, Ida Rubinstein’s career as a dancer saw her working with artists such as Stravinsky, Nijinsky and Debussy.

Despite her varied career and her fame in her own time, her name is all but forgotten, whilst her contemporaries live on in memory.

Now actor and former ballerina Naomi Sarkin portrays the Russian heiress’ dramatic life: her scandalous Salomé that led her embarrassed family to commit her to an asylum, her rise to the heights of fame in Paris, her bisexual love affairs, the assassination of her long-time lover Lord Mayne, and her work as a nurse in both World Wars. Ida Rubinstein: The Final Act combines text, movement, music, projections and film to evoke a long-gone era of theatrical extravagance.

The Cast

The cast includes: Darren Berry, Marco Gambino, Adam Clayton-Smith and Naomi Sorkin.

Ballerina/Actress Naomi Sorkin plays Ida Rubinstein Photo: my phone
Christian Holder and Naomi Sorkin during rehearsal. Photo: Irina Iaonessyan

When, by life, you feel deceived,
Be not downcast, do not fret.
On darkest day do not forget
That joyful days have been conceived
The heart lives to give life tomorrow.
Yesterday has gone; is done.
Tears will wash away your sorrow; Past forgotten – joy begun

Alexander Pushkin

Christian Holder

Writer /Choreographer /Director /Actor /Teacher /Costume Designer/ Painter /Entertainer

Christian is wearing the three hats of writer, choreographer and director in this premier production of his new play— Ida Rubinstein: The Final Act

Joffrey Ballet

“Christian Holder is one of the most iconic dancers of the Joffrey Ballet Company in the 1970’s, perhaps in its entire history…”

Royal Ballet

Christian revisiting the Royal Ballet School


Sneaky shots I took at his recent cabaret performance in London—where he moved me to tears with an emotional song—but, in the next instant he had his audience all rolling about with uncontrollable laughter. He is a natural performer of wit and elegance.

Go see it!

Go and see Ida Rubinstein: The Final Act, if you can! Why? Because the play can only be extraordinary! Why? Because Christian is nothing short of a genius. And, hey!—you get the chance of hearing my dulcet tones in the soundtrack! What’s not to like?

The Playground Theatre, London

Visit The Playground Theatre Website to book your seats!

*personal note

Old school group photo with me and Christian at the Corona Academy Stage School, London.

Me and Christian at the Corona Academy Theatre School, London

Still friends so many moons later!

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