Portrait of an NHS Heroine

Joining Tom Croft’s #nhsportraitsforheroes initiative I have painted a portrait in oils for free to express my thanks and gratitude to NHS heroic frontline key workers.

Portrait of Dr Rukhsana Salim | by Lesley Scoble | oil on canvas
Portrait Detail

Dr Rukhsana Salim

NHS heroine Dr Rukhsana Salim, clinical lead and mother of two beautiful daughters is the subject of my portrait in oils on canvas – size 12” x 16” (30 cms x 40 cms).
I have painted her in PPE as I feel it relevant to portray her in full battle gear as a soldier on the frontline, which she truly is.

Mentioned in dispatches

Dr Rukhsanao has been mentioned and personally thanked by Her Majesty the Queen for her achievements during the current Covid-19 Coronavirus outbreak and for being pivotal in the relief effort for Greater Manchester. Selflessly and tirelessly sourcing supplies, raising funds and ensuring Stockport Primary Care received adequate PPE during the crisis. Plus setting up a volunteer organisation to manufacture and distribute vital scrubs to NHS organisations.

When Dr Rukhsana first saw my painting

When Dr Rukhsana saw a photo of my painting for the first time— I was so pleased that she said she liked it! I confess to keeping my fingers crossed when I clicked the send button. I wanted her to like it so much! And not be disappointed.
Her messages back to me delighted me.

That’s incredible!
Was in a high today after seeing portrait.
I’m absolutely thrilled with what you have done.
It’s so like the picture I sent. 👌🏼
Love my portrait
Thank you
Perfect 💖

Dr Rukhsana Salim

Thank you Dr Rukhsana!

Thank you Dr Rukhsana for your reactions and positive comments to the painting—it means a huge amount to me — but, what is really ‘incredible‘ is what you and your colleagues are achieving each day fighting to save lives through these awful times.

I hope my little portrait can help say, in it’s humble way, a very big thank you to you Dr Rukhsana for all your care and hard work on the frontline during these dangerous unprecedented times.

I hope this painting in oils can go some way in expressing how much you are appreciated for all the hard work that you do. And hope the picture will give you joy.

Artist Tom Croft

I should, of course, also now like to thank Tom Croft and his initiative for enabling myself and so many other artists to take the opportunity to express their gratitude in this creative and (hopefully) long lasting way.

Tom Croft started it all! When he advertised on Instagram that he would paint an NHS hero for free to the first NHS frontline worker to apply—and by doing so, he inspired a trend for artists to paint these local heroes of our extraordinary times.

Tom Croft’s portrait is of A&E nurse Harriet Durkin—who had just recovered from Covid-19 and returned back to work on the frontline—and was the first to approach him.

Portrait of A&E nurse Harriet Durkin | by Tom Croft

Awesome Response

Tom Croft was so overwhelmed by the huge response to his offer to paint a free portrait of a key worker that he posted a plea on Instagram to other artists who might wish to do the same.
I couldn’t wait to contribute, so I posted the invitation of the initiative on my own IG page and hoped someone would want their portrait painted by me.

I was amazed to receive quick replies to my invitation. Amazed, flattered, honoured and privileged. In fact, I wished that I could have accepted all who contacted me! But, I was committed to paint the first hero who responded to my post.
I felt humbled by the response and sorry that I couldn’t take on any more…

Stay safe and keep well

Lesley x

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