Portraits for NHS Heroes: Publication

Book Release

My volume of the Portraits for NHS Heroes lies on the coffee table open on page 99 (which just so happens that is the page my portrait of Dr Rhukhsana Salim is on!). There are so many wondrous works of art and heroic stories throughout this book it is astonishing! A huge amount of artistic talent I could show you but it fell open at page 99. It did, honest!).

Open Book | Dr Rhukhsana on page 99 | Photo: Lesley Scoble

No coffee table should be without this book

No coffee table should be without a copy of this amazing historic book! Every bookcase should have this outstanding collection of modern portraiture on its shelf! The book is full of wonderful paintings of power and emotion.
I am so proud that my portrait of Dr Rhukhsana, clinical lead, is included in this fine assembly of artworks (btw it’s on page 99! Did I say that already?)

The eyes of a hero | Detail from my oil painting of Dr Rhukhsana Salim | Artist: Lesley Scoble

Historic Book

The book is a history of our time. It is a national heroes gallery. A tangible expression and an incredible portrayal of the extraordinary people and times we are all going through.

Dr Rhukhsana receives her portrait

Tom Croft’s Idea

Tom Croft had an idea. His idea was to offer to paint a free portrait to the first NHS key worker to contact him via Instagram. He was contacted by Harriet Durkin an A&E nurse working on the frontline. Tom invited other artists via a video on Instagram to do the same. He encouraged other artists to join his initiative and Harriet’s portrait was to be the first of thousands. His #portraitsfornhsheroes project grew from that first portrait to five hundred portraits within the first two weeks, and then thousands. The initiative expanded globally to countries including Ireland, Belgium, Spain, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Croatia, Malaysia, Canada and the USA creating more than a phenomenal 13.000 portraits during this unprecedented extraordinary time.

It is wonderful how Tom Croft managed to inspire so many other artists to join in the project to paint portraits of so many NHS Heroes. To enable us to say thank you for all they were doing during the peak of the pandemic and through Lockdown. This book helps say it all.

Portraits for NHS Heroes book | Editor Tom Croft | Photo: Lesley Scoble

Book sale in aid of NHS CHARITIES – TOGETHER published by Bloomsbury Caravel — go get your copy for the coffee table here

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