‘Come outside, the sun is shining,’ cooed the local wood pigeon

During Lockdown I took to feeding the birds on our balcony. It is fun identifying all the individual characters of the birds that come to lunch. One regular is a local wood pigeon who lives in a tree opposite and coos a lot when the table is empty. But today, he has told me off for staying indoors!

Photo: Lesley Scoble

Come Outside

‘Come outside, the sun is shining,’ cooed the local wood pigeon

Come outside

I’ve not seen you inside like this so much before;
Why are you doing it?
What’s it for?
The sun is shining outside, right now!
How can you stay enclosed, shut in?
How? How! 

I can’t stop for long
I’m building a nest.
But, I’ll be back soon
Well… I’ll do my best

Then he flew off

Lesley Scoble (just quoting the bird’s words)

‘Coo!’ I replied, ‘I think I will!’

The Wildlife Trusts 30 Days Wild Challenge

It’s June! The month to go a little bit wild! The Wildlife Trusts annual 30 Days Wild Challenge is to do one random act of wildness each day through the month of June. So, I’ll have a go at being wild!

I reckon talking to Wood Pigeons is just a little bit wild!—don’t you?

Get outside and go WILD!

Visit The Wildlife Trust site here

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