The Barbican Life Winter 2021 magazine: my lockdown wildlife photography

Barbican Life

My lockdown photography

In this winter’s issue of Barbican Life Magazine there is an article by Erin Summers about my wildlife photography during Lockdown!

To read the magazine in full, visit The Barbican Life Website here. To go straight to Erin’s interview, click here.
Little Wren | watercolour sketch | Lesley Scoble

Page 2

Katie Kestrel | Photo: ©️Lesley Scoble

Page 3

The complete article by Erin Summers featuring our chat, can be read here.

Urban Kestrel

Urban Kestrel | Photo: ©️Lesley Scoble

This is one of my favourite photos from lockdown (I’m glad the magazine used it). It depicts vicinal wildness and contiguous survival of a bird of prey among concrete buildings of a city.

The Barbican Life magazine and Erin Summers

The Quarterly issues of The Barbican Life magazines can be viewed here, and the article featuring my interview by Erin Summers can be read in the Winter 2021 issue here.

Thank you Erin Summers for featuring my art and photographs in your magazine article!
Why not take a look at Erin’s HEARD IN LONDON website? Visit her blog here.

Keep safe everyone x


  1. What a fabulous article! Great tips and beautifully written (of course!). With outstanding photographs(of course!). It’s true what you say. The housing estate opposite me just has mown grass.

    Let’s hope you’ve helped get the message across to some councillors who can help change things.

    I’ve been a bit distracted this week as a biggish lump has appeared on the back of Charlie’s foreleg wrist. The vet sent a sample off to the lab (£290) and I’m to phone this morning for the results. Am putting it off by writing to you. Fingers crossed it’s benign but operating where it is will be difficult, arteries etc. Sigh!

    Lots of love and congratulations on your article. Hope it leads to more!

    Tree xxxxx

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