What did you get for Christmas?

Piccadilly, London | Christmas 2021 | Photo: Lesley Scoble

My two boys got Covid for Christmas

In my sons’ Christmas stockings among the sweets, the champagne and the Christmas pudding lurked something unwanted. A random gift from someone unknown.
*Please don’t think that Santa placed something evil in their stocking—it’s just a metaphor.

Christmas 2021 | Photo: Lesley Scoble


The bad news is that the new variant Omicron spreads at a speed that is frightening and seems to target the young generation. Both my sons wear masks and are double vaccinated. Dan, my eldest, also has the booster protection. Ben has a new text message inviting him for a booster jab on his phone (I think perhaps it has arrived somewhat late).

Good news

Good news! This variant appears milder and may not cause symptoms as severe as the other Coronavirus variants.

Herd immunity?

Will this apparent milder virus surge through the vaccinated younger population, and create herd immunity? 

I recall herd immunity being discussed by scientists at the start of the pandemic as an early tactic. An initial tactic that failed. Perhaps delaying vital protective measures such as lockdown? 

Is this weaker strain the key to nationwide herd immunity, at last?

Official infection numbers for Christmas Day in Britain are higher than any other time throughout this pandemic but with less hospitalisation. Could the fearful Omicron variant be the beginning of the end of this awful pandemic? I hope so.

I know my family is not alone in having Christmas Day spoiled by this viral invader, and I wish all of you a speedy recovery. 

What did you get for Christmas?

I truly hope your Christmas stocking was filled with joy.

Spread Joy | Spread Joy | Xmas wrapping paper shopping bag

In the words of this Xmas shopping bag ”Spread joy!” And not the virus!

Vaccine booster!

Without the tremendous vaccine rollout, all would be a lot worse. If you are not vaccinated yet — get jabbed! And give yourself a boost!

Empty pubs for a safer Christmas pint

Popular hostelries in the City are closed or empty. Crowded pubs where once people hung from the rafters to enjoy themselves. There is now silence instead of hubbub. Empty bars are safer places for a pint, but sad to see during the festive season.

Christmas 2021 | The Rising Sun, Cloth Fair | Photo: Sarah Hudson
Christmas pint 2021 | Fox and Anchor, Charterhouse Square | Photo: Lesley Scoble

Keep safe one and all🎄and spread the joy!

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