What is a Wolf Moon?

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What is a Wolf Moon?

It’s that moon when, the moment you see it, you gasp at its brightness and exclaim, ‘Wow! Look at the moon!’ It is a dazzling full moon, and it arrives in January. Native Americans called it Wolf Moon because it appeared at the height of the howling of the hungry wolves. The nickname was adopted by colonial settlers and added to the calendar, and so continues today.

The Moon’s Lover (excerpt)

The moon lies and says,
”I have been so lonely
and I wish to tell that stupid wolf to stop howling.
Will you let me do it?”

The sun replies,
”Oh my fair moon yes you can.”

The Moon’s Lover – Native American Story

Wolf Moon 2020

The first full moon of 2020 shone in all its magnificence. Over London on the evening of Friday, the 10th of January.
I was on my way…

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