#World Curlew Day 2022: 1,000 year old curlew poem and my new ones.

Today is #worldcurlewday2022

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Good morning New Year! My first poem of 2022 is another one of my attempts at Haiku! I apologise, but I dreamt of this one! I woke up with it in my head last night… and scribbled it down on a paper bag… perhaps it was something to do with the New Year Eve’s champagne? It is not only my first haiku (ahem) of the year—it is my first dream!

A curlew calling
Across the wintry mudflats
Is haunting the wind

Haiku Lesley Scoble 2022

Curlew call | Audio: Fabrizio Grieco, Xeno-canto

I think the poem suits a little linocut I made.

The Curlew | Linocut: Lesley Scoble

The Seafarer

The Seafarer is an old Anglo-Saxon poem. One of the few surviving pieces of literature from nigh on 1,000 years ago. A poem recorded when the English language was in its infancy. I came across it in an old tattered…

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