Shakespeare and St George!


Happy 457th Birthday Will!

Today is Shakespeare’s birthday! William Shakespeare, an English poet, playwright and actor, was born on April 23rd 1564* and he died April 23rd 1616** at the ripe old age of 52 (pretty good for his time!).
*There is no surviving official proof of his exact birthdate but they baptised him on the 26th April 1616, which suggests that today was his actual birthday.
**Shakespeare’s burial is registered as the 27th April, which also implies that today was the day we lost our greatest writer.

Silver Street

William Shakespeare lived in London at lodgings in Silver Street—which is close to where I live! It’s inspiring to know he was so nearby.

Old 17th century map showing Silver Street, London

Modern tourist visitor map showing the same area (no. 30 pinpoints close to where Shakespeare would have lived)

Shakespeare memorial in Love Lane, to John…

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