Old people can be grumpy. I know why.

Old people can be grumpy. I know why.

5 #Reasons Why

#Reason 1

One reason to spark a grumpy moment can be the unexpected horror of an early morning glance in the bathroom mirror. Rubbing sleep-filled eyes to peer at the reflection in the glass; then wonder who it is that is staring back at you?

#Reason 2

A second reason can be when the same scary experience happens again. Like when I was out window shopping. My eye caught someone strange in the glass. Someone I didn’t recognise. This stranger was following my every move…

I like this street sculpture, by Anthony Gormley of himself staring at his own reflection in the windowpane. It sort of illustrates what I’m talking about.
Sculpture: Anthony Gormley | Looking at reflection in the window pane
Sculpture: Anthony Gormley | Looking at reflection in the window pane
My poem, WHO IS THAT? expresses my experience when I glimpse an unexpected stranger in a glass reflection.

Who is that!?

I pass a window by
And stifle a cry
I peer at the reflection in the glass.
“Who is staring at me?” I ask.
“Who is that?”
I gasp and groan,
That face in there is not my own!

I feel only twenty one, it’s not fair!
Or fun.
But I see there
in the glass
As I pass
This one old woman;
is not the girl I am.
Go away old face!
Flee this place!
Go hide!
Turn the tide
of time.

Old face stay there in the glass!
Let me pass!

When I walk by stone pillars and doors of wood
That old woman is gone for good.
Until I glance in a windowpane,
when once again I glimpse that strange old face
Staring back at me insane in my place.
“Be gone old witch among the mannequins!
Stay entrapped inside the glass!
Be gone strange reflections
And let me pass.”

Lesley Scoble writ while in a grump

It is weird being the same age as old people

#Reason 3

There are no words for #Reason 3! Just my drawing to express my feelings about feeling only 21. Until I look in the mirror.

It is weird being the same age as old people | Self portrait | Drawing ©️Lesley Scoble

#Reason 4

Aching joints. They are a right pain!

#Reason 5

Oh dear. I can’t remember what #Reason number 4 is?!
Is it because I am the same age as OLD people? Maybe that is the reason? Oh no. I’m feeling grumpy again!

Let us finish on a positive note!

Old age is a positive thing. It means you are still alive. It means you have memories. You can remember things? (if you’re lucky). It is a time to recall all those fun times you had skiing down mountainsides, climbing mountains, walking, running, dancing, swimming, laughing, crying, wining, dining, fighting, caring, working, playing, travelling, shopping, moving house, dusting, vacuuming, raising a family, making money, losing money, making friends, losing friends, singing (unless you are tone deaf); all the things that make living, living. You can remember it all—unless, like me, you cannot remember where you put your glasses and later find them in the fridge.

Being old means you are alive and not dead. Not yet.

I may be away for a while. I’m off to find a mountain to climb! 

Now, where did I put my Zimmer frame? Oh no. I am feeling grumpy again.

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