Yammer, yammer, yammer: a poem about roadworks

The Ragtag Daily Prompt is to create a post using the word YAMMER in Photos, Artwork, Poetry, Short Story, etc. My response to the prompt is with a poem about the constant roadworks that go yammer, yammer in the city.

Road construction works | Photo: Lesley Scoble

This poem is serious. It describes how persistent modern day roadworks can cause detriment to mental health. The poem is my tirade about roadworks. I expostulated about this habitual problem way back in the nineties, when my boys were in primary school. They published it in London’s Evening Standard. They broadcast a version of me reading (or should I say ranting?) it in the street. I ranted my poetical tirade on television! It was on a programme by Lion Films called Britain’s Worst Roads (There’s an old VHS tape recording of it somewhere in the attic). They stood me in front of roadworks and cameras on busy Chiswell Street, where I recited my great work with passion and eloquence. My poem Hole in the Road (now renamed Yammer, yammer, yammer) got its fifteen minutes of fame. 

Roadworks: a padder downer | video: Lesley Scoble

This clip shows a Padder Downer in action. The ‘padder downer’ isn’t as mind destroying as the sound of the electric saws or diggers, but it still creates Yammer.

Yammer, yammer, yammer!

Oh no, the digger uppers are back!
Drilling and filling the tarmac,
Go and drill some other hole,
Scarper, you deafening mole.
Go elsewhere to do your job,
That hole was dug yesterday you noisy yob.
Driven out from the flat, 
None can contend with that.
Go and have a coffee break,
Please stop, for heaven's sake!
Yammer, yammer, yammer, in my brain.
Drerr der dre drrrrer ddriving me insane.
Driving drills drive me mad!
Der der der drrr really bad!
Can't stand any more!
Going out the door—
Take some Aspirin—take some pills—
Take away those dreadful drills—

Lesley Scoble   written circa 1997

40 second Slomo Short in B&W ink style: A road digger and the quiet when it stops.

Road digger | Slomo b&w ink style video: Lesley Scoble

My thanks to #RDP for helping me to rename my old poem from HOLE IN THE ROAD to YAMMER, YAMMER, YAMMER! I wanted a new name for it.

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