Sleeping Dragonflies: a haiku

Poetry Prompt

The prompt guidelines for the W3 Weekly Poetry Prompt by Poet of the Week Paula Light is to write about a breakup.(not necessarily romantic) in any poetic form, not to exceed 20 lines.


The rules of Paula’s poetry prompt mean the poem has to be about a breakup. I try to express in the haiku how ice on the surface of a pond breaks up when it thaws. The thaw means spring cannot be far away. The hibernating pond-life burrowed in its depths. Entombed by winter, will waken. Released from its icy grip.

Sleeping Dragonflies

In response to Paula’s prompt, I attempt to write a haiku—because it is a short poem! A haiku only needs to be 3 lines of 17 syllables, doesn’t it? I wrote in this form as I am limited in time and thought a three lined poem was just the thing for speed! Haha, anyone who thinks a haiku is quick. Think again!
*Sleeping Dragons is not the title for my haiku. Haiku poems do not have titles. Sleeping dragons is just what I call it.

Frozen pond | Photo: Lesley Scoble

frozen fissures crack
in meltdown breakup, freeing
snoring dragonflies

Lesley Scoble December 2022

Icy fissures | Photo©️Lesley Scoble

My thanks to POTW Paula Light for the challenge. My gratitude to David W3 Weekly Poetry Prompt at Skeptics Kaddish.

Frozen wildlife garden pond | Photo ©️Lesley Scoble


10 responses to “Sleeping Dragonflies: a haiku”

  1. I loved this, Lesley. There is a brief ballet called, “The Enchanting Dragon Fly.” It’s rarely seen or known, if ever. She attracts her mate, then the pas de deux, and his death. Oh well, the male species never get the message. You have such deep insight of the nature around you. Enjoying the education in poetry, and gratitude beyond…. you share. I do hope you will publish this in a Prose and Poetry booklet. A simplified education of Poetry. I have found college books to be extremely too wordy. I would find articles that simplified a 35-page chapter.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you very much for your beautiful comment. 😊 I am so happy you like the poem. You compliment me with your kind words. I should love to compile a book of poems one day!
      I wish you a poetical and happy New Year! 💗


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