Fizzy Ing: a waltz wave poem

The Waltz Wave Poetry Form

Leo Waltz, of the independent art and writing magazine, Sol, created the new poetry pattern. I suppose one might say he put his ‘Art and Sol’ into it (forgive me, but I enjoy the occasional pun).

What is a Waltz Wave Poem?

What is a Waltz Wave Poem? It is a single stanza poem of 19 lines, with each line having a set number of syllables. The syllabic pattern is: 1/2/1/2/3/2/1/2/3/4/3/2/1/2/3/2/1/2/1. 

With the lines being so short, they make the poem form a long, slender, vertical shape. Like a narrow, slow-flowing stream. This form lends itself to best expressing a calm, trickling cascade… 

In a waltzing wave, perhaps? 

The longest line has only four syllables. The form permits the splitting of syllables, carrying them into the next line to fit the pattern. With intention, in my poem I allow the suffix ing to split and tumble away from its word. I want the sense of fizzy Champagne pouring out and down into a tinkling glass. I also like to think that by separating the ‘ing’ from the verb, it is a nod to the Old English noun ‘Ing’ (plural ings), meaning a meadow. It is especially a low-lying meadow or marshland near a river. Anyone who visits the beautiful Nature Reserve at Fairburn Ings, Yorkshire, will know what the word means.

Ever since I read an impressive waltz wave form poem written by poet David Bogomolny, I’ve wanted to have a go at writing one.

I hope you enjoy my first waltz wave poem Fizzy Ing. I use the form to suggest the bubbly flow of Champagne from a bottle into a glass. By separating the suffixes ing I try to make the words flow downwards. Also, I like to hint at the solo noun meaning a water meadow… (perhaps I long to find a Champagne meadow?)—Oh, wouldn’t that be fun?

Pouring Champagne | vid image: Lesley Scoble

My poem Fizzy Ing is about the effervescent flow of Champagne from the bottle.

Fizzy Ing

the cork
in a glass 
ing tinkle 
ing water-fall 
ing cascades
ing dance

Lesley Scoble   January 2023

I wrote my poem Fizzy Ing in response to the #daily word prompt, Ragtag Daily Prompt. My thanks to RDP Monday: Fizzy for inspiring me to write my first Waltz Wave poem.
Always have a bottle of Fizzy in the fridge!

I worked with a TV producer who told me she never was without a bottle of Champagne in her fridge, even when she was without work. It was there to remind her there was something in the future she would need it for. It was hope and anticipation in a bottle.

May your fridge always have a bottle of fizzy in it, ready to pop the cork and celebrate!


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