Short Winter Days: a quadrille

My poem Short Winter Days is in response to the d’Verse Quadrille #168 prompt to write a quadrille poem incorporating the word ice.

Icebergs on the Barbican Lake | Photo©️Lesley Scoble
Short Winter Days 

In the darkest winter days 
The blackness of night 
No sunshine rays? 
No beam of light 
No high noon 
No glimmering moon 
Days begin and end too soon? 
Anyway, take cool advice 
Put your sunglasses on
and ski down coruscant slopes of white ice. 

Lesley Scoble. January 2023

My son Benny on the slopes of Tignes, France, January 2023
My thanks to Mish and d’Verse for this cool prompt 😎 


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