Mezza Luna: a haibun poem

Mezza Luna

Mezza Luna is Italian for the half-moon, or quarter phase of the moon. This month of February, 2023, it was mezza luna on the 27th. 

North of the Equator: in the first quarter its right half shines. South of the Equator: it shines on the opposite side in the third quarter. 

Mezza Luna is the d’Verse Haibun Monday Poetry Prompt hosted by Frank J. Tassone. To write a haibun that references Mezza Luna, half-moon, however you perceive it.

The waxing (increasing) mezza luna, London | Photo: Lesley Scoble

Moon bathing in the half light of mezza luna. My thoughts mull over why everything seemed a little more romantic when given a Latin name? I spoke to him, “Your name for the half-moon holds more romance in its Latin tone than our name for it.”

I feel languid and open my arms toward the firmament as though I were preparing to dance with the sky. “Mezza Luna begs to be the title for a song.” I said.

The Italian turned and whispered,

“It is already a song,” 

I gazed at the handsome face in half profile, silhouetted against the half moonlight. He sips from his glass. Did he know that the half moon light was showing off his Roman nose to perfection? 

The Sauvignon Blanc gleams in the pale moonlight. Our wine glasses clink together and tinkle like silver fairy bells in the stillness. Fireflies fluttered and lit up a lush bank of aromatic herbs where I could smell lavender wafting on the smallest of breaths from the warm sirocco.

Fireflies in moonlight
flickering stars night dancing 
whispers in the dark

Lesley Scoble. Haibun, March 2023

Are you now in a languorous romantic mood? Then you might enjoy listening to the song Luna Mezza Mare sung by Dean Martin.

Here is a bonus rhyme after all this mushy romance.

The d’Verse poetry prompt, first, inspired me to write I’M ONLY HALF MAD, which is about another aspect of the effect the moon has on us mere mortals. The myth of how it can affect our mind.

I wrote this rhyme at less speed than it takes to drink a half a pint of beer. The only problem was, it wasn’t a haibun. 

I had to think again. The romantic Mezza Luna took longer to write than two bottles of Chardonnay.
*please note I drink in moderation and only use the drinks as a measure of time. 😉

I hope you half enjoy this rhyme. 

I’m Only Half Mad

You should be glad
It’s only a half-moon
and I ain’t mad!
 (I’m only half mad)
but all too soon
When the moon is full
Hey, hey, hey! 
It’s best to stay away.
When the moon is half and in a crescent 
That’s the time when I’m most pleasant.
When the moon is full,
I can change
I don’t know what it is but,
I derange
I’m Only Half Mad | Artwork©️Lesley Scoble

Say Cheese

I took this shot of the moon as it passed between two balconies of a Barbican Tower, City of London. It looks like a wedge of cheese, don’t you think? or moon pizza anyone? or, the tower is eating the moon for dinner?

Pacman Moon

The moon plays Pacman and eats a balcony of the Barbican Tower.

My thanks to d’Verse Poets and Frank J. Tassone for their celestial prompt.
Image Credits
Half Moon | Photo: Lesley ©️Scoble
I’m Only Half Mad | Artwork©️Lesley Scoble
Moon Cheese | Photo: Lesley ©️Scoble
Pacman Moon | Photo: Lesley ©️Scoble

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