There was a Young Lady from Spain: a limerick

This week’s poetry prompt from W3 Prompt #49 Poet of the Week Aishwarya is to write either an American Sentence or a Limerick. This is a first try for me of either of these poetry forms. Which one shall I choose?

Aishwarya’s prompt guidelines
“Write a beauty-themed poem using one of these two poetic forms:
American Sentence; Limerick.”
What is an American Sentence?

American poet Allen Ginsberg created the American Sentence. It is a poem in one sentence and comprises 17 syllables. In a single line; it aims to capture a poetic moment with a direct and unadorned language. Well, that sounds simple. Which means it isn’t. I think I’ll go for the limerick option.

What is a Limerick?

A limerick is a form of poetry that consists of five lines. The first, second, and fifth lines rhyme with each other and have the same number of syllables, while the third and fourth lines rhyme with each other and have a different number of syllables. Limericks are often humorous and have a distinctive rhythm and structure. Check more info here


The origin of limerick is not clear. We believe it emerged in the early 18th century in the city of Limerick, Ireland.
The term “limerick” may originate from a chorus of a song sung in the Irish city. 

Edward Lear

The humorous form of the limerick that we know and love today became famous in the 19th century with the writings of English artist and writer, Edward Lear.
Here’s a famous limerick:

There was an Old Man with a beard,
Who said, “It is just as I feared!
Two Owls and a Hen,
Four Larks and a Wren,
Have all built their nests in my beard!”

Edward Lear


The search for the ideal beauty can make some people seek out the help of cosmetic plastic surgery to improve their looks. Modern day pressures for personal image can lead to dissatisfaction in how you look.
Here’s my limerick on the theme of this kind of yearning for artificial beauty:

There was a Young Lady from Spain

There was a fine young Lady from Spain,
Who was ‘muy grandiosa’ and vain,
She didn’t like her facet,
And wanted to replace it,
with another countenance less plain.
Lesley Scoble, April, 2023
Acknowledgement and Thanks
My thanks to David, W3 Prompt We’ave Weekly and to POTW Aishwarya for her choice of prompts.

Allen Ginsberg was born on June 3, 1926, in Newark, New Jersey, United States, and passed away on April 5, 1997, in New York City, United States.

Edward Lear was born on May 12, 1812, in Highgate, Middlesex, England, and passed away on January 29, 1888, in San Remo, Italy. He was not only known for his literary works but also for his illustrations and paintings.

Image Credit
There was a young Lady from Spain | Artwork: Lesley Scoble

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