Cold: a minute poem

The Ragtag Daily Prompt for today, is RDP SATURDAY: COLD to create prose, poetry or imagery and share.

Is posting a poem from last year allowed? I wrote this Minute Poem a year ago when I was suffering a real stinker of a cold.

The Cold

I have a fever in my head
And fear with dread
My nose won’t stop
Drip dripping drop

The aches and pains and rasping cough
Are quite enough
To make me groan
Sniff, sneeze and moan 

From a box I pull out tissues 
to wipe issues
(if truth be told)
of snot from cold.
Lesley Scoble  March 2022
I’ve got a cold | Cartoon ©️Lesley Scoble

In case my poem is an invalid response to the #RDP Prompt, here is a cold photo I took this winter. It is a photo (with no effects added) of the surface of a pond.

Icy pond surface, winter 22/23 | Photo©️Lesley Scoble
My thanks to #RDP PROMPT

13 responses to “Cold: a minute poem”

  1. Lesley, let me tell you your poem is absolutely NOT NOT VALID!!
    RDP is a platform for bloggers to share their work.
    I love your ‘cold’ poem. We have all lived it. 😅
    Thanks so much for joining in. Hope to see you in future too. ❤️


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