Vita Mappa in Vultu Scalptur: a quadrille poem

Whimzygizmo has mapped out a great quadrille poetry prompt #175 for this week at D’verse Poets.

Whimsy’s prompt guidelines
Mapping. Mapped. Map it out. Write all over the map. Be a mapmaker. Whatever form of the word you choose, just be sure your poem is mapped out at just 44 words. 

Vita Mappa in Vultu Scalptur

“Life’s map is etched on the face”

Vita Mappa in Vultu Scalptur | Ink & Wash: digital painting©️Lesley Scoble
Vita Mappa in Vultu Scalptur

Oh, aged face of beauty, 
Each wrinkle trace 
Behind each crevice 
lies a story told
 (also says you’re old)
Each furrowed crease 
and fold on the map 
tells a tale 
of Love within, 
Years of tears and hearty-hale 
etched upon the skin.

Lesley Scoble, May 2023

The Latin phrase “Vita mappa in vultu scalptur” translates to “The map of Life is engraved on the face”. The saying is attributed to the Roman philosopher Cicero. It means that the experiences and emotions of a person’s life are reflected in their facial expressions and physical appearance.

My thanks to Whimsygizmo and D’verse Poets for their inspiration.

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