The Silvered Realm: a quadrille

The Silvered Realm

The Silvered Realm | Myself inside the mirror | Photo: Ania Marson
The mirror is a dark mysterious place
That draws you in, to consume your face
A deep pool of reflective calm
Awaits upon your gaze.
It pretends it is real.
‘tis but a dream!—to allure, to steal
forever within
its silvered realm.

Lesley Scoble, May 2023

The d’Verse Quadrille Challenge
The d’Verse Quadrille Challenge 
Merril invited us to write a poem of 44 words, not counting the title. Your poem must use the word mirror.

The featured mirror (c. 1680) in my photo is on display at the V&A Museum, London. (Museum no. W.74-1981)

My thanks to Merril and the d’Verse Poets for this reflective poetry prompt.


I first wrote my poem to express the enchantment and mystique of the mirror; inspiration coming from the mysterious 17th mirror in the V&A (shown in the featured photo). However, in the following comments, there are some interesting observations and suggestions that it may allude to mental health issues. This is true. 

I wrote the poem aware of possible mental health connotations, especially the condition of BDD (Body Dysmorphic Disorder). 

My thanks and gratitude to all the comments which have encouraged me to delve deeper into the reasons for my poem. 

post script

It is Mental Health Awareness Week 15 – 21 May, 2023, so in honour of that, I’m writing an appendage.

There are so many reasons the mirror holds our attention.

Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) is a mental health condition. 

BDD is a persistent, excessive preoccupation with perceived flaws in physical appearance.
*The flaws are not apparent to others.

The condition causes significant distress for the sufferer. 


People with BDD, in order to cope, often engage in repeat behaviours, including excessive mirror-checking.

The individual with BDD dislikes their appearance and is the opposite of the self-love of the Narcissist, who loves their image.

Please note that BDD is a serious mental health condition. Please seek help from a mental health professional who specialises in BDD or related conditions if you or someone you know is struggling with body image concerns.

Understanding and compassion are essential when supporting individuals with BDD. The provision of a supportive environment can contribute to their recovery and well-being.

Another comment alludes to the capture of the soul.

Can a mirror capture your soul?
Some indigenous cultures or traditional societies hold beliefs or taboos related to photography, mirrors or capture of one’s image. 

The belief that the capture of your image can cause potential spiritual harm or theft of your essence can stem from factors such as religion, folklore, or cultural practices and sensitivities. 

It is important to respect the concept that some people believe the camera and the mirror can capture the soul.

Photographic privacy today is harder to attain than ever before!

I thank you all for your encouraging likes and comments.

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