Looking Glass: a reflective poem

Looking Glass

Ania Marson, Saatchi Gallery, London | Photo©️Lesley Scoble
I look in the glass 
What is that I see? 
I ask
Who is that in there?
with a vacant stare?
That cannot be me!
What is it I behold?
That is someone else’s face.
Someone old.
There’s been a switch
She looks a witch
I gaze in terror 
At the visage
Must be a mirage?
A strange face replacing mine
with deep etched wrinkle and line 
Put inside the mirror
in my stead!
But, If that is my face,	
I must be dead.

Lesley Scoble, May 2023

d’Verse Open Link Night

I wrote this poem for the d’Verse quadrille prompt but realised it was too long for the 44 word rule—so I’m posting it for d’Verse Open Link Night — No idea if the time is correct from UK for EST between 3 pm. And 4 pm. But posting it anyway. Thank you Merril for letting me know about the event. I’m too late to catch a flight!

19 responses to “Looking Glass: a reflective poem”

  1. I love what you did with this one. It is quite unsettling at times to look in the mirror and see what time has done. All we can do is accept it and take it one day at time.


  2. I’m often shocked when I see myself in the mirror, as well. Who is that old woman?!

    The time you link up your poem doesn’t matter. It only matters if you wanted to join the live event. 🙂 I wasn’t sure where you are, but now I know you’re in the UK. So, if you wanted to join us for this month’s second live event it would be at 3:00 P.M. your time. (10:00 A.M. my time).


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