A Mum’s Lot: a waltz wave poem

My sons, Daniel and Ben | Acrylic painting on paper: Lesley Scoble

A Mum’s Lot

My boys
Small they
Played with toys;
games of
and ball.
Going out to
play, they’d scrape their 
knees and fall.
I’d worry.
they are 	
tall men abseiling 
down a
from a
New York.
worry! and 
get a call, 
which said… 
think they’re…?
Dread fills my
head. They’re fine! Phew,
That’s a relief
said Fred
Would I 
my lot?

Lesley Scoble, May 2023

“Going out to play, they’d scrape their knees and fall.”

My boys Dan and Ben playing | Photo: Lesley Scoble

Standing on the Edge

My son Daniel, Standing on the Edge, New York | Photo: Daniel Perkin

Benny jumping out of a plane: skydiving

My son Benny, skydiving | Photo:Xbox

I wrote my poem A MUM’S LOT in response to Sadje’s #Whatdoyousee Photo Prompt What do you see # 186- May 15, 2023- Mother’s Day. The photo prompt is for Mother’s day (we had Mother’s day in the UK back in March, but I don’t mind having another one!). The photo prompt of a son looking into his mother’s face expresses so well the strong love bond between mother and child.

Image credit; Alisa Dyson @ Pixaby
Thank you, Sadje, for the inspirational prompt.

29 responses to “A Mum’s Lot: a waltz wave poem”

  1. Your boys are very adventurous. Ha! Moms have got to learn to stop worrying and start trusting. My sister and I turned our mom’s hair grey much before it should have. Wonderful poem as always, Lesley.

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