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  • It’s not me!—it’s them

    It’s not me!—it’s them

    Theresa May v Hung Parliament My quickie sketch on my iPad is a lame attempt to illustrate the current goings on between Parliament and the PM Teresa May. I quote the PM. “It’s not me!—it’s them. — Theresa May She claims it is not herself to blame for the current impasse in the Brexit negotiations…

  • O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?

    It’s coming up to the romantic time of year! So I’ve sketched a cartoon from the famous balcony scene from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet (well, you can’t get more romantic than Romeo and Juliet can you?) Oops! Romeo has fallen down the stage trapdoor (stranger things have happened in a live performance). If you like…

  • The Importance of Plants in an Urban Environment

    The Importance of Plants in an Urban Environment

    During thirty years residency (yes, I know, bit of a long time!) living on the Golden Lane Estate, City of London, I and my family have enjoyed flowers and plants brightening up the place. Plants have graced these areas since before 1987 (the year I first saw them). I cannot tell you when the first…

  • A Trip To The Dentist

    It is like an opening scene from the TV series Criminal Minds. The alleyway is dark shadowy and narrow and I am expecting a serial killer to emerge from the dusk and bludgeon us to death. We are about to leave the gloom of the passageway when—I trip on the pavement falling straight splat flat…

  • Feeling Sorry for Men

    I’m feeling sorry for men (excluding Scotsmen in kilts of course) who never get to feel the gentle breeze wafting beneath one’s billowing skirt on a hot Summer’s day.

  • Somewhat hot!

    Heatwave cartoon

  • Brextra Time

    Brextra Time? (pardon my pun) Last week in Brussels Irish Deputy PM said extra time might be afforded Britain to come up with a Brexit trade deal to avoid economic havoc when leaving the EU. Simon Coveney suggested, “If Britain asks for more time, and if that is necessary to get to a sensible agreement,…

  • Heatwave


    35 degrees centigrade and rising!

  • Love Is Going Walking And Seeing A Lapwing

    Love Is Going Walking And Seeing A Lapwing

    The Lapwing Valentine Day 14 February 2017 My first linocut print! This is my first ever Lino cut print. I was inspired to portray a lapwing from my visit to Rainham Marshes this Sunday where we saw a whole load of them. Love is going walking and seeing a lapwing Escaping the city is my…

  • Global Scoble

    Global Scoble

    Global Scoble is a title I use when I’m feeling…Global! I am interested in the world and all and everything in it. I like things that rhyme, and global rhymes with my surname Scoble-so there you have it! The origin of what I like to think of as my blogging handle. It is also the name…