A Glimpse of Spring Through A City Window: while stuck indoors

Day 1 Pic | A local wood pigeon in a London plane tree burgeoning with buds

Spring Equinox

It is the Spring Equinox and I’m stuck indoors. I am self isolating because of the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic outbreak. The sun is shining and I can see through the window a wood pigeon perched on a branch of a London plane tree which is burgeoning with buds.

I live right in the centre of the capital in the City of London. Our home is surrounded by buildings, so there is no distant horizon to look at. But, the sight of this wild bird sitting calmly upon its perch has soothed me. It has reminded me that Spring is out there.

Photography Project

I have set myself a photography project titled Through a city window: while stuck indoors to try to take one photo a day from my window while I am thus confined to quarters.

I have included in this post the photo I took on Day 2 as it is also of the wood pigeon!

Day 2 Pic

Local wood pigeon across the way on a ‘brutalist’ concrete wall

This new project I have tasked myself with may well turn out to be the life saga of a local wood pigeon!


Tomorrow I shall try and see something else, some other subject other than the faithful wood pigeon to capture in my lens for a change—even though I do love wood pigeons! But, there has to be another focus for a bit of variety don’t you think? Anyway, I shall try—no matter how limited the choice may be within the strictures of looking out from behind glass and the restricted view from a city window in this unforeseen unhappy enforced home confinement.

Stay safe and well my friends

2 responses to “A Glimpse of Spring Through A City Window: while stuck indoors”

  1. Hi Lesley – usually I’d say lucky you to be living in the middle of London – but can see your views today … great idea though to document the wood pigeon in a Brutalist setting … I was going to come up to a stone exhibition – these ‘funny’ exhibitions always attract me … a learning p.o.v.

    here’s the link: https://www.ianvisits.co.uk/blog/2020/03/11/stone-the-new-wonder-material-for-buildings/ – looks like I’ll miss it now …

    Take care and all the best – Hilary

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