30 Days Wild

I’m going #30 Days Wild!

It’s the 1st of June and I’ve signed up to take part in the UK’s month-long nature challenge—to do something WILD everyday this June.

What am I going to do today?

  • I could explore a nearby wild place—living in the City of London this is already an interesting CHALLENGE!
  • Listen to the birds in my local park.
  • Stay up late and watch out for night-time visitors (other than the ones staggering out from the local pub)—I certainly look forward to a night-watch to try and see something wild!
  • Go on a safari in this concrete jungle in which I live.
  • Seek out and observe the wild in the City.
  • And whenever I can, seek the wilder countryside beyond London.
  • Use all my senses to connect myself with the wild world around me.

UK is ‘One of the Most Nature Depleted Countries’

I am horrified and appalled to learn that the UK has become one of the most nature depleted countries. I feel ashamed that our ‘green and pleasant’ land should have come to this.

When I was a child, animals, birds and invertebrates were numerous; the little ‘cockney’ sparrow, starling and hedgehog for example, were all taken for granted and accepted as the norm in a world abundant with life. That the everyday wildlife belonging to my childhood should now be endangered fills me with extreme sadness, shame and disbelief.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Nature is essential for our mental health and wellbeing. I believe that we all need to focus on nature and wildlife for some part of our day at least. It is vital for our state of mind, health and happiness to take time to stand and stare (or sit and stare) to take notice of nature—to be at one. I believe that we all need to focus on the natural world. Without which we are most certainly doomed.

Who wants to live in a world without the song of a bird? Without a bee buzzing? No chance to ever witness a murmuration of starlings at dusk? Nor the sound of a bark of the fox or the snuffling scratchings of a hedgehog through the night?

I shall post and share each day a moment of wildness throughout this month of June. So, if you don’t want to miss any of my wild moments!—make sure to hit the follow button.

#30DaysWild @WildLondon @LondonWildlifeTrust @wild.london

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