Pattern #inktober2019

The #inktober prompt word set for today was Pattern.


I had no inspiration or idea on how I wanted to interpret ‘Pattern’ in an ink sketch, until I took a stroll down Bermondsey Street near London Bridge and spotted a circular window in a warehouse building.

The pattern reminded me of a mandala.


Mandala is an ancient Sanskrit word for circle. The form is seen throughout nature—you only have to study a flower to see it. The circle pattern is used in spiritual rituals by Shamans (so I understand) and they are to be found in Christian Cathedrals. Drawing a mandala circle helps meditation and is a calming thing to do. I can vouch for this! I nearly nodded off drawing it! There is something nice and soothing about drawing a repetitive pattern.

Tomorrow’s prompt word is Snow. I hope I can find some time in a busy day to sketch something snowy!

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