Look Down And See The Stars

It has been raining rain for hours
catching light in headlamps of cars
Splish-splosh splashing go the tyres
turning cold cobbles into mires
where puddles capture Christmas stars

Lesley Scoble

Look down and see the stars!

Look down and see the stars

Beauty can be found anywhere if you look for it (even in the gutter!).

Mum’s Advice

“Always look up, keep your chin up and walk tall” is what my mother always told me.

Sorry mum, I haven’t always followed your well meaning advice. I tend to look down quite a lot. Just imagine all the coins, trinkets and street finds that I might have missed had I not looked down! I also tend to trip up on hard pavements if I don’t watch the ground! (See the blog A Trip To The Dentist if you need proof).

By all means, we must all look up and walk tall—but let’s not miss out on what is at our feet.


  1. Hi Lesley – have a very happy Christmas … and I hope we get to see stars … through our gloom of rain. I can see your need to keep looking down especially on the cobbles and to avoid the puddles, or see the stars in them … take care – cheers Hilary

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