Colonel Blink aka Dominic Cummings

Eye Test Drive

I went to my local Boots the Chemists yesterday to ask for my eye prescription as I need to buy new reading glasses—but the optician section was closed due to the Coronavirus. There was a notice on the entrance to the optician area stating that the nearest open opticians was in Kent (several long miles away).
And that’s when Colonel Blink and Dominic Cummings (for some unknown reason) came in to my mind.

Anyone else remember Colonel Blink?

Anyway, my situation inspired this quick cartoon sketch.

Hope it amuses.

Eye Test Drive

Colonel Blink was a comic strip character of a ‘short-sighted twerp’ drawn by artist Tom Bannister in 1958 for the Beezer comic.

Dominic Cummings

Dominic Cummings is a ‘short-sighted advisor’ to the Prime Minister and he drove 60 miles from Durham to Barnard Castle during lockdown to test his eye sight.

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