Masked Girl | Photo: Lesley Scoble

I go I see
The enemy

Lesley Scoble

As you can see, my verse today is of few words. It is the shortest poem I have ever written! But does size or length matter? (can’t believe I’m asking that question). Mind you, it is still two whole words longer than the shortest story ever written— ‘Baby Shoes’ attributed to Ernest Hemingway.

For sale: baby shoes, never worn

Ernest Hemingway

As a blogger I haven’t been finding a lot to say lately. As a poet (ahem, shall we just say someone who enjoys having a bash at writing poetry from time to time?) I do ask myself where is the spewing of copious rhyming verses that can sometimes tumble out of my brain?

If ‘a picture can speak a thousand words’ what can a mere eight words say? (In the case of ‘Hemingway’s Baby Shoes’ a lot!)

Nonetheless, I live in the crowded City and the few eight words of my verse have managed to sum up the way I feel every time I step out of the front door.


We are at war. The world is the war zone and Coronavirus is the enemy. An insidious invisible enemy that wants to invade all Mankind. In all the wars that have existed in the past it has been possible to identify the opposing forces by the style of helmets and uniforms. The blue jacketed uniforms of the French in the Napoleonic Wars and the the extraordinary hats of the charging Mongolian hordes of Ghengis Khan were all instantly recognisable. In World War II the identifiable uniforms of the British Tommys, the Germans, the USA, the Japanese, et al. differentiated all the opposing factions so you knew who to shoot (or not).

What hat does COVID 19 wear? What colour uniform?

But oh no, this invader doesn’t proclaim what side it’s on by wearing a uniform or tin hat or hold rank. It insinuates and assimilates itself into humankind with inexorable and virulent attack. The aggressor lurks, secret and hidden and without honour. Rapidly infecting in a handshake…or in a blink of the eye!

The Enemy

The enemy looks just like you and me (or even a jogger?).
In fact, the enemy is you and me! We might just as well all be walking the streets with an AK 47 Assault rifle in our hands.

Joggers and Masked Couple | Photo: Lesley Scoble

But, we will prevail. With social distancing, caution and common sense and (hopefully) a vaccine we will get through this.

In the words of Sir Winston Churchill—

If you’re going through hell,


Sir Winston Churchill

Stay safe and keep well my friends and enemies.

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