Hot Summer Fan Dance

Hot summer heat
Can be hard to bear
to beat—
To try to keep cool
In a stultifying pool
Of breathless repressive air

Clammy sticky cloying sweat
On the hottest day yet
And yet!

I have a plan.

Strip-off till I’m starkers
You’re thinking I’m barkers?
Unclad and all bare
Hey, don’t stare!
It’s rude
When I’m nude

Beat this if you can!
Undress if you dare
And dance with a fan!
(or two)

Lesley Scoble
Hot Summer Fan Dance | Artwork | Lesley Scoble

Keep safe and well guys — but above all stay COOL

#WATWB is a group of bloggers who post a feel good blog on the last Friday of the month

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