The Eyes of a Hero : NHS Dr Rukhsana Salim, Clinical Lead

The eyes of a Heroine | Detail of oil painting by Lesley Scoble

The Eyes of a Hero

Dr Rukhsana Salim, Clinical lead

Back in the month of May I joined the Tom Croft #portraitsfornhsheroes initiative where alongside many other artists I sent out an invitation to NHS key workers to paint their portrait. I was privileged and honoured to paint Dr Rukhsana, Clinical lead. I hope my portrait manages in some small way to say a huge thank you to her for all the incredible work she does and in some way help express how indebted I feel for her role as one of our most valuable NHS heroes.

Tom Croft

My personal thanks to artist Tom Croft ‘knows no bounds’ for setting up the most extraordinary initiative #portraitsfornhsheroes.
During the initial peak of the Coronavirus pandemic he encouraged thousands upon thousands of artists to get involved in painting portraits of our NHS Heroes & key workers.
I am grateful for my own small part in contributing to it.

Online Exhibition

There is now an online exhibition of all the paintings and included among them is my portrait of Dr Rukhsana.

The Google Arts and Culture NHS Portraits for Heroes Online Exhibition is now live!

The Google Arts and Culture NHS Portraits for Heroes Online Exhibition is now live! And well worth a visit. Go and see the many astonishing works that have been produced by all the brilliant artists contributing to Tom Croft’s amazing initiative.

To view my portrait of Dr Rukhsana in the Exhibition click here

Fine Art Book

I am thrilled to know that my painting has been selected to be included in a beautiful Fine Art book to be published with Bloomsbury Publishers Ltd in November.

My painting of Dr Rukhsana Salim has been selected for inclusion in a Fine Art book which is to be published with Bloomsbury Publishers Ltd in November. There is to be a limited selection of NHS portraits in the book from the thousands produced, and I feel proud that Dr Rukhsana will be one of them. The book will make a wonderful permanent record of the NHS workers and their portraits.
This beautiful book will be out in time for Christmas! It’s a must for every book lover’s bookcase and coffee table—so, that’s all our Christmas present ideas sorted, isn’t it!

The book can be pre-ordered now at Bloomsbury — so, what are you waiting for! 😁

*Tom Croft and featured artists will receive no payment and all royalties and residuals will go to NHS Charities Together.

Dr Rukhsana receives her painting | Photo by Zaina (Dr Rukhsana’s eldest daughter)

“…I’m blown away. Receiving the portrait and seeing up close the detail, texture and emotion you have captured is just astonishing. You really are talented…”

— Dr Rukhsana

Thank you Dr Rukhsana! From the bottom of my heart.

And thanks to all for taking time to read my blog 🙏

Stay safe

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